Firefighters’ Wives was founded by two wives of Fire District Firefighters in New York State.  One of our husband’s “Brothers” was diagnosed with a career ending disease.  We started by wanting to come up with a brand that would identify Firefighters’ Wives everywhere and sell merchandise with this new brand to raise money in support of  wives and families of Firefighters who are facing career ending circumstances.  We donate 20% of all profits to the wife or family of a Firefighter with these circumstances.

Firefighters are such a tight knit group and being a Firefighter’s wife is no different.  We have since found that there is more support and pride that comes from being a female in a Firefighter’s life.  Whether it be a wife, daughter, sister or mother, we all share a common bond.

It is our goal to make sure that the wives of ill or injured Firefighters, who are no longer able to be active Firefighters, know that they will forever be a FIREFIGHTER’S WIFE.

This brand represents females in a Firefighter’s life.  Since starting in June 2010,  we have added many additional services to our business based on the needs and wants of the community.  We are able to offer our products at a discounted “fundraising price” to organizations who wish to use our brand to FUNDRAISE in their communities.  We also work with FIRE DEPARTMENTS by offering a discount when ordering products for the females of their Firefighters.  Lastly, we love to volunteer or be involved with Firefighter or fire department related EVENTS.  If you would like to find out more about how to participate in any of these programs, please CONTACT US!

We also ship Internationally.  If you would like to purchase our merchandise and you live outside of the United States, please email us with what you would like to order, your shipping address & contact information and we will respond within 24 hours.

Thank you for visiting our site and supporting Firefighters’ Wives